Cake Flavours

At Sweetcheeks we pride ourselves in creating beautifully scrumptious cakes. We Believe that your cake should not only look amazing but taste amazing to!

Therefore We only use the finest quality ingredients, including local free range eggs, butter sourced from Somerset, Belgian chocolate and Madagascan bourbon vanilla extract and beans.

All of our lemon, orange and lime curds are home made.

And all the preserves we use have a minimum fruit content of 58% to make our cakes taste extra yummy.



  • RICH MOIST FRUIT CAKE                            Oak aged brandy-soaked vine fruits, including cherries,sultanas, currants and figs with a layer of delicious marzipan


  • OUR CLASSIC VANILLA SPONGE              Moist vanilla bean cake layered with either raspberry or strawberry preserve and our classic vanilla butter cream.


  • LUSCIOUS LEMON SPONGE                       Drizzled with lemon syrup, layered with lemon curd and finished with our classic vanilla butter cream.                                                                                                    Mix it up – add a layer of raspberry curd its yummy!!


  • WHITE CHOCOLATE & PASSIONFRUIT    White chocolate sponge layered with passion fruit curd and white chocolate buttercream – our signature flavour.


  • CHOCOLATE MUD FUDGE CAKE               A devilishly rich and buttery sponge layered with chocolate fudge ganache and chocolate fudge buttercream .                                                                                    Mix it up – add layers of orange curd for a chocolate orange sensation.


  • SALTED CARAMEL                                         layers of  Chocolate and caramel cake with a salted caramel buttercream and caramel sauce.


  • STICKY TOFFEE                                              scrumptious toffee and date sponge layered with toffee sauce and toffee buttercream, Toffee heaven


  • BANANA CHOC & PEANUT BUTTER         moist banana and chocolate cake layered with our most favourite peanut butter buttercream


  •  SALTED CARAMEL APPLE CAKE             Dorset apple cake with cinnamon and Sultanas,  layered with salted caramel sauce and  salted caramel buttercream.


  • CHERRY BAKEWELL                                     Almond sponge with cherries, Soaked in an almond aperitif & layered with cherry jam and almond buttercream


  • COCONUT & LIME                                      Delicious coconut cream sponge mixed, infused with homemade lime curd and topped with a coconut butter cream.


  • COOKIES “N” CREAM                               chocolate  mud fudge sponge mixed with Oreo cookies and layered with a cream and Oreo butter cream.


  • COFFEE & PECAN                                     light Vanilla sponge mixed with Pecans and an expresso shot, finished with whipped expresso butter cream.



  • STRAWBERRIES & CHAMPAGNE            Champagne liqueur infused vanilla sponge layered with  lightly whipped strawberry buttercream & strawberry and                                                                            champagne conserve
  • TIRAMASU     Caramel cake infused with coffee liqueur and layered with  lightly whipped espresso buttercream and smothered with dark chocolate ganache
  • BAILEYS   –   Bailey’s  laced sponge soaked with a bailey’s syrup and layered with Bailey’s buttercream.
  • AMARETTO         –   vanilla cake made with ground almonds with a shot of Amaretto, soaked with an Amaretto syrup topped with an Amaretto butter cream.
  • BLACK FOREST  –   A chocolate sponge soaked with a  kirsch liqueur syrup complimented by fresh cream butter cream and black cherries.

Don’t see the flavour you are after? Then take a look in our cupcake section or simply get in touch.